AngelBird 512GB SSD  wrk  for  Mac 2.5" / 7mm

Upgrade your productivity In today’s fast-paced work world, maintaining an efficient and productive workflow is essential to your success. As your colleagues, employers, or clients expect speed and quality from you, you should expect the same from your workplace tools. Fortunately, the technology is here, ready to help you work smarter and faster, and get more done in less time. Highlights: - Sustained read speed up to 563 MB/s - Sustained write speed up to 450 MB/s - Silicon Motion 2246EN controller - High-quality anodised aluminum case - Optimized for low power consumption - Overload and static protection - Compatible with any Mac which can host a 2.5" SSD - Native TRIM support on Mac - Advanced dynamic global wear-leveling and bad block management - 5 year limited warranty - Designed and manufactured in Austria
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