DNS 8 Hardware

The DNS 8 Live is the first DNS designed specifically for live use. With eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression (formatted as AES3 on XLR sockets plus DB25 using the AES59 pin-out) it hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified '2-knob' approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor. Nonetheless, it retains the near-zero latency of all its predecessors, making it suitable for use in all live situations - not just live-to-air broadcasting, but also live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship. Quickspecs: - Eight channels of dialogue noise suppression - A unique, new DNS algorithm with super-fast '2-knob' setup per channel - Detailed DNS mode ideal for permanent installations - 1U rackmount with 90V-250V universal PSU and 12VDC input Audio Specifications: - I/O type: Digital PCM - Audio formats: AES3 on XLR sockets plus DB25 (AES59 pin-out) - Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz - I/O resolution: 24 bits - Process resolution: 40 bits, floating-point - Processor power: 3.9 GFLOPS - Latency: <10 samples (0.2ms at 44.1kHz) - Fail-safe audio bypass
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