LIVE+ GoBox Transmitter - V-Mount

Product Overview Say hello to the LIVE+ GoBox, the most rugged mobile transmitter designed for newsgathering professionals and video content contributors on the go. Broadcast live from virtually anywhere with bonded cellular, Wi-Fi and portable satellite connections, or record up to 40 hours of HD video for later broadcast. • Dependable and robust: Our most ruggedized, professional-grade mobile transmitter is designed for demanding use in the field. We’ve stress tested it with rigorous vibration testing to make sure it's up to the task. • Outstanding performance: Reliably delivers exceptional picture quality with low latency even when bandwidth is extremely limited. Get your live shot where others can't. • Easy to use: One-button start up, automatic input and format detection, and an intuitive interface on a large confidence-monitoring screen simplifies operator use. Built-in intelligence continuously adapts to network conditions to deliver the best video quality. • Exceptional versatility: Connect any SDI or HDMI camera. Set on the ground, wear on your back, or place away from the camera for optimal antenna performance. • Give signal reception a boost: Optionally connect to a LIVE+ Booster with an array of antennas to go live in challenging cellular network conditions. It also boosts performance when broadcasting from a moving vehicle. • Cloud control: Geolocate, monitor performance, remotely control, preview feeds, and route your content with our cloud management tool from any web browser, giving you ultimate control. Features: • Rugged design     o Our most rugged and portable design to withstand life on the go • Simple, user-friendly interface     o One-button start up and automatic input and format detection     o Large, vibrant LCD screen for confidence monitoring with durable membrane touch buttons for easy navigation • High-quality video     o Patented Intelligent Connection Management (ICM) technology and proprietary Adaptive Bitrate Encoding provides enhanced signal resiliency and superior picture quality     o Low power high-performance processor engineered to provide high quality video and longer battery life • Low delay broadcasting     o Selectable latency: 1.5 / 3.0 / 8.0 seconds or custom preset from 0.8–20 seconds     o Up-to latency mode provides the shortest possible latency available for the network conditions • Network connectivity     o Bonded connections include 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and portable satellite     o LTE modems and dual-band integrated Wi-Fi for fast broadband connectivity     o Enhanced antennas offering up to 4x improvement in RF performance     o Easily replaceable SIM cards • Flexible power supply     o Power from hot-swappable Gold Mount or V-mount batteries, or from supplied AC power adapter     o DC output for powering LIVE+ Booster and external radios • Cloud management     o Our cloud management, monitoring, and reporting tool enables geolocation, remote control, previewing feeds, and routing of live and recorded content from any web browser • Other features     o Enhanced IFB audio support for wired or wireless earpieces     o Dual encoding enables simultaneous recording and live transmission with up to 40 hours of HD recording Modes of Operation: Live: Transmit live video over bonded cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or satellite connections to LIVE+ servers. • Store & Forward: Record video for later transmission. Use this mode when a live feed is not required, or when bandwidth is limited or not available. • Live and Store & Forward: Transmit live while also recording high quality video for later use. Use this mode when network bandwidth is limited but you need to broadcast live. • File Transfer: Quickly transfer photos, scripts, graphics or edited video packages to LIVE+ servers using bonded connections for faster upload. View Datasheet PDF
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