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Baton – A Scalable, Enterprise-class, Automated File-based QC Solution Interra Systems' Baton is the leading enterprise-class QC solution used by global telcos, broadcasters, post production houses, IPTV and archiving companies working with file-based content. Baton is the trusted choice for all their file-based QC needs with its comprehensive quality checks, scalability, support for wide range of media formats, and an intuitive web-based interface. Baton's scalable architecture lets users expand their Baton set up as their QC needs grow. Baton's high availability feature guarantees business continuity even if some of the hardware components break down. Interra Systems' widely-acclaimed technical support ensures that customers are always up and running. Baton Media Player (BMP) BMP is an industry grade media player with options for SDI playout. The integrated browser based plug-in player works in sync with Baton for fast frame-accurate manual review of content. Baton Content Corrector (BCC) BCC auto-corrects a host of audio, video and metadata errors detected by Baton in the media files. BATON+ for Extensive QC Trend Analysis Baton+ is an add-on tool that offers extensive QC trend analysis across multiple Baton systems to improve workflow efficiency. Features & Benefits: • Provides unmatched 4K content verification speed • Works seamlessly with popular cloud computing infrastructure services • Provides the most comprehensive checks covering standards compliance, regulatory checks, baseband checks in the industry, including PSE/flashiness checks • Integrates with media servers, transcoders, MAM archiving and workflow solutions through its easy to use web-services based APIs • Provides a set of rich content aware, rules-based, pre- and post-QC filters for efficient content verification workflows • Rich reporting features, including multi-language reports in HTML, XML, PDF, and Excel • Provides extensive subtitles and Closed Caption (CC) data verification • Detects and corrects loudness issues in compliance with standards including CALM, EBU etc. • Allows grading of errors and configure the actions based on the severity of the problem • User management & access control • Task scheduling & monitoring • Extensive time code related checks including start tc/discontinuity/ GOP/LTC, VITC and more • Configurable alerts and dashboard • Built-in test plans for DPP, Netflix, Cable Labs compliance • Compliance to media standards and regulatory requirements • Quick content profiling without verification • Comprehensive online help View Datasheet PDF
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