InterConnect, Archive for Interplay

MatrixStore is complementary to your Unity or ISIS storage platform. Keep the editing storage lean and mean, park or archive media to MatrixStore with no need for the Avid archive manager. Interconnect allows you to move media assets to and from MatrixStore as nearline or deep archive with a clean and simple interface. The Interconnect plugin combined with a MatrixStore cluster provides a very cost effective way of taking the burden off the editing storage. Start small and add capacity as and when you need it. How It Works: Archive With InterConnect installed, you can archive a project simply by selecting its folder inside Interplay Access and copy-and-pasting it to a special "To Be Archived" folder. All Avid assets in the folder, and their associated media files, will then be archived to MatrixStore. Restore To restore an archived project, copy it from the Archived folder to the To Be Restored folder; the InterConnect service will then copy all media files from MatrixStore back to their original locations. Administration The InterConnect administration tool allows you to: • See the status of assets that are currently being copied • Browse through all assets that have previously been copied • Restore assets that have been accidentally been deleted from the "Restored" folder. • Configure the software at installation time View Datasheet PDF
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