Matrix hub

The Object Matrix hub is a powerful gateway server platform enabling access to MatrixStore vaults as a standard network share. The Linux based platform provides access to MatrixStore vaults using a SAMBA interface that does not require the installation of software on client machines. Object Matrix hub Benefits: • Direct access to content in a MatrixStore vault from a standard file system interface • Enables content to be shared across platforms and teams • Access data from a wide array of applications out of the box • Access content from Mac, Windows or Linux Clients • Represents a massive storage pool as a single mount poin • Enables file based workflows (including UNC path driven applications) • Future protocols will be added to the hub including FTP (Q3 2014) hub Specifications: • Operating System: Ubuntu Server • Supported Interfaces: SMB v2.002 • Connectivity: Dual GigE/10GigE • Number of Ports: 2,4 • Power: Dual (Redundant) • Power Consumption: 150-270W • Dimensions: 1u View Datasheet PDF
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