MatrixStore Quattro

MatrixStore Quattro has been designed predominantly for outside broadcast workflows and smaller post production facilities. It provides a highly resilient nearline platform that is extremely cost effective and comes in a very compact form factor. Starting at 24 terabytes of storage the Quattro takes up just 2u in a standard 19 inch rack, adding more capacity is a simple plug and play operation. Each MatrixStore Quattro node has SSD (Solid State Drive) metadata controllers. It provides the option to convert one of the four nodes to a client PC or to be a server that is able to combine, in the same rack mounted 2u chassis, resilient storage and applications. Up to four Quattro chassis can be combined to scale to 128TB of nearline storage. MatrixStore clusters come in two configurations. Both platforms utilise the latest and greatest commodity hardware components and have exactly the same functionality as provided by the MatrixStore Software layer. MatrixStore Quattro Benefits : o Cost-effective and resilient nearline storage. Frees up space on production storage platforms whilst ensuring 24/7 access to your content o Perfect for rushes protection o Content mirrored and data integrity guaranteed o Exactly the same rich functionality as MatrixStore Enterprise o Search, find your data instantly using the DropSpot application o Automatic synchronisation with MatrixStore Enterprise clusters o Self-healing & self-managing ensuring data always protected o Enables multiple digital preservation workflows in a compact form factor o Fits into AVID, Apple & Adobe Workflows o Integrates with DAM, MAM and PAM applications
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