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NAB 2015: Trophées des ventes Telestream pour CEV

13 avril 2015
Jean Meunier et l'équipe CEV ont reçu les trophées de ventes "Premier au Canada", de même que "Second dans les Amériques" de la part de Telestream. Merci à tous nos clients pour leur constante fidélité! CEV est fier de travailler pour vous.

NAB 2015: Telestream Présente Tempo - Une solution d'ajustement du timing

12 avril 2015
Voici le communiqué de presse de Telestream, en version originale: Telestream Announces Tempo, a New Time Adjustment Solution that Modifies the Running Time of Media Assets while Maintaining Program Quality Nevada City, Calif., March 24, 2015 – Telestream®, the leading provider of digital video tools and workflow solutions today announced Tempo™, a new time adjustment solution for re-timing file-based content and intelligently adjusting the running time of shows and segments. Showcased for the first time at NAB 2015 (booth SL3305) Tempo utilizes new time compression algorithms that deliver superior quality and faster turn-around times. Running on the Vantage media-processing platform, Tempo is easy to use and offers all of the benefits of the industry's leading workflow management and transcoding system. "For content owners and distributors, adjusting the run time is important as it creates additional revenue opportunities and decreases distribution costs," explains Shawn Carnahan, Telestream's CTO. Tempo uses new methods of media analysis. It intelligently interpolates the desired time change over the duration of the content in a way that produces no noticeable visual or audible artifacts. It can adjust an existing asset’s running time from 1% to 10% without any perceived loss of video or audio quality. Tempo also has the ability to re-time the complete asset, including video, audio, and captions, offering unmatched quality that is consistent with stringent broadcast and network-level requirements. Tempo is a product that returns a substantial ROI by providing the ability to increase advertising avails throughout the day. Tempo will be particularly interesting for companies who are working with content from other eras or other regions of the world where the ad timing is different than their current format. "Syndicated content duration from the 1950’s through the 1970’s was longer than the typical syndicated content from the modern broadcast era. This presents problems in fitting these longer length programs into current ad-block alignments. Tempo is an ideal solution for aligning the timing of this content," says Carnahan. Tempo runs on the Vantage media processing platform and Lightspeed Server, providing unparalleled quality of media assets. Since it is built on the flexible Vantage service oriented architecture, Tempo can be seamlessly integrated with other Vantage or third-party systems to create a powerful automated workflow – all under unified system control. Tempo can be controlled through a special Vantage Portal or controlled in an automated fashion. Available for purchase in Q2-2015, Tempo will be sold as a turnkey system that includes Tempo software running on the latest Vantage media processing platform and Telestream Lightspeed Server hardware.

NAB 2015: SGL annonce une intégration avec le logiciel de transfert de fichiers Aspera

12 avril 2015
Voici le communiqué de presse de SGL en version originale: Software Generation, Ltd (SGL), a provider of content archive and storage management software for media and entertainment, announced its integration with high-speed file transfer software provider Aspera Technologies Inc. Using the latest version of SGL's FlashNet archive solution, broadcasters and content owners can transfer media to a private or commercial cloud at a guaranteed speed benefitting from an additional means of storage and DR workflows. Aspera provides a transport technology that utilises available network bandwidth, transfers data at maximum speed and scales up as required with no theoretical limit. The SGL integration with Aspera means that broadcasters and content owners can transfer material directly to the cloud from their MAM system using SGL FlashNet. Contactez votre représentant CEV pour plus d'information.
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