November 16 2018
CEV and IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE are proud to announce a strategic partnership that will broaden the portfolio of products and services offered to their respective clients. Collaboration between the two technology integration leaders in the Canadian market will allow their clients to benefit from their joint expertise. "The strength of this alliance results from the emphasis placed on uniting our companies’ respective skills. We will offer a much wider range of products and services to our customers " said Justin Meunier, Vice President of Sales at CEV. "CEV's indubitable expertise in audio & video technology, united with IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE's multidisciplinary strengths creates synergy as well as true added-value. Our customized offerings enable us to offer complete solutions that answer all of our clients’ needs. After more than 20 years on the market, we have successfully become a leading Canadian provider of advanced technology. Clustered servers, artificial intelligence or deep learning, we strive to make them accessible and beneficial to the media sector. Over time, we have developed close relationships with some of the largest manufacturers in the field. We are currently the only NVIDIA Elite partner in Canada," says Sébastien Maitre, Sales Manager and Media Account Manager at IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE. The two Quebec-based organisations have developed complementary technological expertise. By joining forces to serve clients and to complete projects, a synergy has been created, allowing the design of innovative and personalized solutions to benefit all clients. This wide and varied clientele includes postproduction houses, VFX studios, broadcasting corporations, government agencies as well as educational institutions. This is a very large market. The two companies have both already established solid reputations for themselves, thanks to the high quality of their products and services offered. By joining forces, CEV and IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE will not only strengthen their presence in their respective markets, they will also enter new ones. This partnership will further open the Canadian market to both companies. CEV will rely on the expertise of IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE to provide AI-based products and services to clients, while IMAGES & TECHNOLOGIE will gain access to CEV’s audio, video and broadcasting expertise. We know that technological success is the key to business success. We continually prioritize a culture of partnership, teamwork and integrity to continue to offer world-class services in the field of information technology.
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